I told you so.

Once upon a time there was a fiesty teenage girl who desperately wanted independence from her parents. Of course in her rebellion she partnered with a “bad boy”, someone who she could shower with just enough love to change him. Spoiler: it was me.

So much went wrong during my late teen years and early 20s. When I think about the chaos and what it was like living that life it feels like I am watching a movie about someone else’s messed up choices instead of me remembering my own.

I have done so much work to recover from those choices but they still haunt me.

When I couldn’t do it any longer and needed to flee, my parents helped me. My Dad bit his tongue and instead of saying, “I told you so.” He bought a house for my children and I to live in. It wasn’t easy but my parents stood by my and helped me get to the other side.

When people question why I want to help others who have gotten themselves into bad situations that are hard to get out of - this is why. I once was a person in a very vulnerable and scary position and I got myself there but I needed help to get out.

Katherine Hathaway