The last few days my brain has been swirling with ideas about how to help one of my mama friends. When I saw a GoFundMe page shared to her Facebook by her partner I immediately sprung into action sharing it with mom groups on Facebook that she is part of. I did not expect the backlash I got. There was support present for her too, but boy was the negativity intense! I really want to help Heather raise the money that she needs to get out of jail so I am writing this with the hope that it will help boost the signal of her GoFundMe campaign. I have messaged Ellen, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Cheryl Strayed on Instagram. I am doing anything that I can think of to help.

I think that people have a right to feel their feelings and if they do not feel like they want to donate - no problem.

I have actually been on the other side of the situation with my ex-husband owing me more than 20k in back child support at one point.

Heather is one of the kindest people I have ever met and after working in law firms for a few years I have been exposed to how just a few bad decisions can derail a person's life.

Heather is sitting in jail right now on a cash only bond for about 7k from back child support. Her fiancee is at home with their 15 month old son. He will be missing work to care for the baby. Heather is a nursing mom. The legal system is complicated and if a person is navigating it without an attorney it is even harder.

I want to thank everyone who has donated already. It is really amazing what humans can do when they help each other.

If you can and feel called to please help Heather by donating to her GoFundMe campaign.

Katherine Hathaway