Getting started with cloth diapers 💕

I sent this to my mom who is buying a gift for someone and I thought I would share it for anyone wanting to get started with cloth diapers!

Here are some of the best options in my opinion.


I suggest throw away inserts for the first 3 days.
Inserts for the first few days (1 pack should be good):

Covers to use with inserts (I would get 6-10):

Prefolds to use with covers after throw away inserts (I would get 3 dozen they can be used as wipes when baby gets bigger):

The last chance section on is a really good deal for after newborn.

For 2 months - potty:

Or there is a new package:

Wetbags: Travel:

For Diaper Pail: Diaper pail:

Diaper bag:

Go to that website and search Petunia Picklebottom they stock new stuff everyday and I suggest a convertible backpack style like this one:

Skip Hop is also really good and there are usually a few on there too.